Bingo Jobs

What is a Bingo Manager?

So, what are the duties? A bingo manager oversees the daily operations of the bingo department. They must also approve jackpots and payouts and complete all required forms.

A bingo manager must also ensure state and federal gaming regulations are followed. A bino manager should also be able to make daily departmental decisions and make personnel decisions. This job position also requires 3-5 years of related experience and bingo skills.

How do you manage bingo?

The amount of education required is one of the first things to consider. Nearly 30% of bingo managers have bachelor’s degrees, and none have master’s degrees, proving that advanced education is not required for this job.

While some of these managers have college degrees, you can likely get a job with a GED or a high school diploma. Next, review your work experience. You can easily obtain the required experience through other jobs and positions.

Many bingo managers have previous office management experience, and some have previous careers as cashiers and assistant managers.

So long as you can communicate well and delegate tasks effectively, you will be fine.


Like any other career, you can advance, gain responsibilities, and develop leadership skills. As a bingo manager, you can easily advance and set career goals.

They could start as an office manager, then move on to an operations manager, and finally become a general manager.

Other Bingo Jobs

Assistant office manager
Shift manager
a salesperson
Bingo is a classic game that has been around for a long time. Besides being entertaining, this game has created numerous job opportunities for many people and is expected to do so in the coming decade.

So, if you have management experience or want to gain some, becoming a bingo manager may be for you.

Requires a high school diploma. A Bingo Manager typically reports to a unit/department head. The Bingo Manager oversees a team of mostly paraprofessionals. In high-volume administrative/production environments, this may be a supervisor level.

How much do bingo managers make?

Bingo Manager salaries in the US range from $17,720 to $169,031 with a median of $61,733. Bingo Managers make $61,733 to $97,383, with the top 86 percent making $169,031.

How to be a bingo caller

An intermediate hospitality or customer service apprenticeship at a bingo hall is possible. If you have the right personality, your employer may train you to be a bingo caller.

How much do bingo callers in the UK get paid?

The average bingo caller salary in the UK is £16,497 (£8.46). Starting salaries range from £15,483 to £43,875 for experienced workers.