Bingo in the workplace

Hire a Bingo Hall for a Corporate Event or a Party.

Any space can be transformed into a bingo hall for a party or corporate bingo. Whether it’s a dinner activity, a team-building event, a social event, or something entertaining for the office, we can help you plan something memorable. A fun bingo session complete with all of the bingo lingo and a shimmering gold jacket is on the agenda.

This package includes either a normal bingo blower or a advanced digital Bingo system, depending on your preference. It includes bingo cards, dibbers, and dabbers, as well as a top host, music, and a great deal of entertainment.

Perfect for company social events, icebreakers, networking events, and charity dinners, among other occasions.

If you have a corporate bingo session, we’ll even get the boss to call a game on the mike.

Each game of bingo has two prizes: a token prize, such as bathsalts or wine, and a more substantial prize, such as a cash prize. As part of our upgrade package, supply your own prizes or we can do this for you, which will save you time and effort by eliminating the need to purchase prizes separately.


Additionally, basic bingo package includes dabbers and cards, in addition to a professional host.

A stage set and a professional DJ to close out the evening are available as upgrade options. Lighting, an upgraded PA system, and the craziest prizes you can imagine are all included in the packages.

We’ve previously provided bingo equipment to clients who hired celebrities such as Alan Dedicoat (the voice of the National Lottery balls) or character lookalikes to entertain them at their events.

It has the ability to transform any space into a bingo hall. It could be a fun office activity, a dinner activity, or a conference break out activity. Additionally, in addition to the bingo lingo, our professional caller also presents a gold sparkling jacket Rock N Roll Bingo to the players.

Traditional bingo blowers and miniature digital bingo systems are both available for purchase.